I make basket – work based on my research into old techniques. I specialise in maunds, pecks and flasks,  which are fruit and harvest baskets. I also specialise in animal baskets, traps, cages and hives.   All of these hand-made products are unique and can be adapted for a creative effect.

Recent Projects:

Rush Hats

  • Rectangular Victorian  cut flower trugs, for gathering flowers and carrying small tools
  • Bridesmaids baskets, square needle baskets, made for a small child to carry
  • Agricultural baskets (brown willow)
  • Fruit sieves used for gathering fruit, in attractive brown willow without handles
  • Picking baskets, with sizes based on the 1956 National List of Basket Specifications
  • Bushel Log Baskets

Duck Nests

  • Duck nests for wild or domesticated fowl 

  •  Rush music bag in the making