“Working with nature is a humbling experience, the more so because of the direct contact which is employed in basket weaving with natural plant materials.

The intimacy I have acquired with the basket materials through my work comes through a sheer obstinacy to master techniques and to transform my designs into reality. I sometimes perform almost impossible feats of manipulation and cunning, with often stubborn and unyielding materials.

I share respect for the world around me and my skills with people of all ages and backgrounds.  In this way I want this art to be kept alive for future generations to develop further in exciting new ways.

A lot of my time is spent creating artwork based on research of old willow-making techniques, specialising in maunds, pecks and flasks,  which are fruit and harvest baskets, as well as animal baskets, traps, cages and hives.  All these semi-disposable containers can be used for many years, but they leave no trace behind them when their working life is complete.

My hedgerow bowls from materials such as elm and local willows, rushes and straw are not just baskets but they are also art forms, precious in the fact that they are truly sustainable and tactile. My knowledge of old farming techniques has gained me commissions such as ditch pump strainers, ducks nests, and daubed bee hives.

The process requires a practical approach, but the senses are tuned into the work all the time. An example of this is the choice of materials by the colours of the willows, the strength of the various stems, and how they combine to make functional objects of beauty, designed to last many years – but not forever, for they eventually go back to nature.”